Dahon Speed P8 long term review
If you wish to see more products reviewed please support me at http://patreon.com/GRVOTV still loving the dahon speed p8
Bikeberry on foldingbike at Malang-Batu attack!
bikeberry, a group of people on Surabaya - Indonesia, whose using folding bike to work and city commuting and also using blackberry to communicate each other. This is video of bike ...
Riding the North Road Trail - Burnaby Mountain
Rode down North Road Trail with my Dahon Jetstream P8 folding bike. Fairly flat downhill with a few log/ramp features and the ride was quite bumpy. Fun times! Video shot with GoPr ...
GoPRO - DAHON JetStream Folding Bike
DAHON JetStream Bicycle - GoPro HERO 4 Silver
Skládací kolo Dahon Jetstream - VeloRama.cz
Ukázka složení skládacího kola Dahon Jetstream. / Dahon Jetstream folding.
Dahon Jetstream EX 2011
A rare and exclusive bike that was produced in 2011 in limited number.It was believed this was one of the last few designs by Josh Hon before he left Dahon and formed Tern.
Skládací kolo Dahon JetStream P8 - celoodpružená skládačka - Velorama.cz
Skládací kolo na kočičí hlavy a do lehkého terénu. Celoodpružený Dahon.
Downhill on Mt. Shirane (Shiga-Kusatsu route) by DAHON
I went through Shirane mountain pass with my DAHON Jetstream P8 and my friend riding Rocky Mountain. Altitudes are (start) 600m, (summit) 2150m, (goal) 500m.
Dahon Folding Bicycle Stem Modification
Jetstream handlepost stem provides stiffness and sporty looks for your Dahon bicycle.
Jetstream + BionX PL-350
High Speed High Torque BionX Electric System installed on a Dahon Jetstream P8 -- Vancouver ride
Since my town Saitama was too hot I decided to run with cool winds in Hokkaido during my summer vacation with my folding bike DAHON. To gain more cruising speed I retrofitted my Je ...
Dahon Jetstream P8 2014 Mountain Bike - Bike Insiders - Folding Bikes 2013 Interbike
http://www.bikeinsiders.com/ http://dahon.com/mainnav/home.html If you're like "Man, I wish Dahon had a mountain bike so I can take my folding bike off road", you're in luck. The ...
Dahon Vector P8 Folding Bicycle Review Video
http://www.nycewheels.com/dahon-folding-bike-vector-x10.html The Dahon Vector P8 offers some of the best value you can find in a folding bicycle. It's light and strong aluminum fra ...
Racing on my Dahon Jetstream P8
On our road trip to Cavite. Pitted my foldie to a mountain bike road race
Dahon jetstream p8 tryout
Dahon Bike tryout. Better be less than 6.2
Dahon JetStream P8. Frame Fail [webcam rip]
Сломалась рама после 1.5 лет неэкстремального катания. :D UPD: раму менять по гарантии отказались. Уёбки. :D
DAHON 2017 Folding Bike Highlights - ROAD/TOUR
Get a sneak peek at DAHON's lineup for 2017 folding bikes in our Road/Tour category.
Experiment Faltrad mit Hundeantrieb
Dahon Jetstream P8 mit Zughund im Geländeeinsatz aufgenommen mit GoPro 3+ Silver Musik: http://www.terrasound.de/gema-freie-musik-kostenlos-downloaden/
Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike Unboxing and Assembly
BikeFolded presents unboxing video of the Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bicycle. Buy on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1IWNUzm Full review on http://www.bikefolded.com/dahon-speed-p8-folding-bike ...